Events & Training

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This Month’s Highlights:


APRIL 27TH – JAMIDA MEMORIAL ROAD BIKE RACE IN ANGUILLA. Let’s go over for this one Ladies!!

Tuesday April 22nd
6:00am – Road Ride – Speed Work
The Tuesday Torture Sessions are back!!
Meet the roadies at the La Samana Phone Booth in Terres Basses for intervals up and down the Baie Nettle to Sandy Ground route.

Tuesday April 22nd
5:30pm – Running
Meet the runners at the Alberic Richards Stadium in Marigot for a run out to Bellevue and back.

Thursday April 24th
5:00pm Paddling: Beginners
Meet the Learn 2 Paddle Team at the Kim Sha Beach near La Bamba Beach Bar to learn how to paddle a surfski or to improve your technique.

Thursday April 24th
5:30pm Running: Off Road Run
Meet at the Home ‘n Tool roundabout in Bellevue for an off road running session.

Friday April 25th Good Friday – we are closed today
5:30pm Family Hike & Run – Cross Country
Join fellow hikers in French Cul de Sac for a gentle walk/run with the kids.

Saturday April 26th
6:30am Mountain Biking: Bellevue
Come and experience the trails with a fun team of off roaders. Meet at the entrance to the  Grand Marche in Colebay and try out the new Xterra Duathlon course.

Saturday April 26th
7:45am Paddling: Kids & Juniors
9:00am Paddling: Adults
Join the Learn 2 Paddle surfski group at Kim Sha Beach near La Bamba Beach Bar for great tips on your paddling techniques.

Sunday April 27th
11:00am Cycling: Jamida Memorial Road Race in Anguilla
Grab the ferry to Anguilla for a day of road racing. Men’s, Women’s, Junior’s and Veteran’s categories.