Weekly Training & Events

This Month Highlights:

November 21st – Pre Holiday Ladies Ride
Great opportunity for beginners. Learn how to use your gears and adjust your position on your bicycle in a no-pressure all women atmosphere.
Start at Tri-Sport in Simpsonbay at 6:30am.
We will ride into Simpsonbay along the quiet Simpsonbay Road and then cross over the Causeway on the bicycle lane and head over to Marigot via Bellevue.
Nice an’ easy.
Ladies RideNovember 22nd – SXM Trails Walkathon

























December 6th – Powerade Aquathlon
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5:15pm Running – Speed Sessions on the Track
Meet at the Alberic Richards Stadium to train 10 x 400M Sprints. Remember that in order to use the track, you must join Avenir Sportif Running Club. Bring along a copy of your ID and a medical certificate.

5:00pm Cycling – Sprints
Attack, rest, attack, rest and on and on. Great speed workout. Meet anywhere on the Airport Blvd after 4:30pm and you will find the peleton.

5:00pm Cycling – Speed Workouts
If you didn’t get enough on Tuesday, come back for more abuse today. Airport road any time after 5:00pm for some endless Speed sessions via the Causeway.

5:00pm Trail Running – Off Road Run
Meet at the parking in Bellevue near Home n Tool and head out with the Dream of Trail group. Anywhere from 5Km to 7Km distance.

5:15pm Hiking: Family Trail
Meeting Place this week, November 20th, is at the entrance to the Grand Case Airport.
Great for all levels.

6:30am Mountain Biking Advanced Group
Meet at the Sucrier Bakery in Marigot for a great work out.

8:00am Mountain Biking – Beginner’s Off Road Ride
Meet at La Sucriere Bakery in Marigot for a gentle off road session with Thierry.